A day in my life

Fancy a behind the scenes tour of a day in my life? The fabulous Cornish based Kernowcraft very kindly asked me to film a day

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Image of Kirsty Halsey's Hallmark from London Assay Office

All about Hallmarking

My first hallmarked parcel has arrived back from the @theassayoffice ✨ Oh the excitement! ✨

So here is my very own hallmark! And a little ‘did you know’ too-

✨Each mark is made up of 5 sections from L-R- the sponsors/makers mark (mine is KH in a diamond), the fineness symbol (the lion), the fineness mark (925 for sterling silver), the assay office mark (the London leopard for me, obviously I was going to choose a cat!!), and the year (W= 2021).

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This is me!

Biz’ee Women Interview

Here’s a little interview I did with the lovely Sharon Hawkins of Biz’ee Women Networking on May 6th. She asked me lot’s of questions about my business, and I did my best to answer them! I hope you enjoy it finding out a little bit more about me and Little Black Cat Jewellery!

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