Here are a few easy guides to follow to help you choose the right size for your jewellery pieces. 

Please note that the below information is intended as an approximate size guide only. If you need any help, do feel free to contact me!

To measure for a solid bangle:

Using a tape measure or a piece of string, measure the circumference of the widest part of your hand with your thumb and pinky finger bent in towards each other and touching. This will be the measurement that your bangle will need to be to pass over your hand…


…Now choose the bangle size that is closest to your hand measurement – go for the larger size if you are between two sizes to ensure that the bangle fits over your hand. The size (XS, S, M, L, XL) along with the circumference, will be shown in the bangle size drop down menu for you to select when you purchase.


To measure for a standard bracelet:

Using a tape measure or a piece of string, measure the circumference of your wrist. This handy chart shows the wrist size in inches, with an added .5 inches for comfort and to allow you to fasten the bracelet. If you’d prefer a looser fit, that’s no problem! My bracelets are listed as the exact length you will receive, rather than the wrist size, so just select the size you’d like to wear from the drop down box on the bracelet when you purchase.



To measure for a ring:

This handy chart gives a conversion for worldwide ring sizes, so that you convert the UK sizes shown to your own countries sizing. You can also measure the inside diameter of a ring you currently own. Find a ring that fits the finger you would like to wear your new ring on by placing the ring onto a ruler or tape measure. Take the measurement from side to side of the centre of the inside of the ring to find the diameter (this is much easier than trying to find the inside circumference!) This measurement will convert to your ring size in letters, giving you the size you need to order.

You can also measure your finger with a tape measure or piece of string- make sure that the measurement is close fitting to your finger, but that it will fit over your knuckle. mark where the measure/string overlap, and find the size against a ruler if using string.

It’s best to measure your ring size when your hands are warm/hot- so that your ring fits when your fingers swell a little from heat.

ring size chart


To measure for a necklace in inches:

This image shows you how each length chain will sit on an average female. A 14″ chain would be choker length for the average woman. I’d recommend a 14-16″ for girls, young women and slender necks. An 18″ chain is a standard universal length. 20″-24″ are great for layering multiple necklaces, 30-33″ are lovely boho style lengths.


To measure for a necklace in centimetres:

This image shows you a conversion for each necklace length above in centimetres. Most jewellery is measured in inches- so here’s a handy guide for those who follow metric measurements!