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A day in my life

Fancy a behind the scenes tour of a day in my life?

The fabulous Cornish based Kernowcraft very kindly asked me to film a day in the life of a jeweller with them- and you can see the finished video below! I had great fun creating the video as the day went on, cuddling the kitties when they made an appearance and showing what I get up to behind the camera- I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my word and my jewellery studio!

They also did a written Q & A with me too! You can find the article HERE, where they ask me everything from how I began making jewellery, all about my garden studio, how my chronic illness affect me, all about the kitties and much much more!!

And as a special bonus for National Beading Week, I created this sterling silver and labradorite bead earring tutorial for Kernowcraft too! These earrings are available with a huge choice of gemstones, so please do ask if you’d like a different option than the 2 pairs currently available- I have a huge amount of gemstones to choose from here at Black Cat HQ!

Whether you want to make a pair yourself, or would just like to see how these are made, why not have a watch? There are hints and tips, and a step by step guide for making these beauties! Let me know what you think!

I hope you enjoy having a watch and a giggle, and /if you do have any questions- please do ask- I’ll do my best to answer them for you!

Much love,Β 

Kirsty Xx


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