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Making your jewellery sustainable

Using 100% recycled Sterling Silver

Making your jewellery sustainable

I wanted to talk to you about the steps I’m taking in making my jewellery business as sustainable as possible, as it’s a huge part of my brands ethos. We all want to tread lightly on this planet, so here’s what I’m doing already to keep my jewellery as eco-conscious and sustainable as possible:

🌍 I use recycled sterling silver wherever possible with my pieces, which saves on unnecessary mining of new materials. Did you know that a lot of electronics contain silver and gold? Including our mobile phones! And it can all be melted down and reused! I also recycled my own offcuts and reuse them too.
🌍 I use recycled and recyclable packaging for all of your orders- from recycled FSC card boxes, bags and packaging, recycled paper stickers and recycled acid free tissue paper, along with the recycled spotty mail bags and sustainable and biodegradable jute gift bags, all of which can be recycled again!
🌍 My jewellery workshop runs on LED lighting- every single light I use is LED, using less energy- and my energy provider is green too!
🌍 My web hosting company plant trees for each sign up, along with running solely on green energy.
🌍 Using ethically sourced gemstones, where the miners and workers are paid a fair wage.
🌍 Sourcing my materials and packaging from UK suppliers, so I know the exact supply chain and exactly what I’m getting, whilst supporting other small UK businesses.

As each new process becomes available, I’m doing my best to to get on board.

Are you going green too? Let me know what steps you’re taking- I’d love to know! 🌍 

Much love,Β 

Kirsty Xx


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